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About Jar of Lightning

Jar of Lightning houses creative projects that inspire awe and wonder and invite readers of all ages to play and explore a world full
of mystery, drama, and beauty.


Rob Baddorf, publisher and author, has been...


Love this workbook! Bright white paper, lies nicely flat, simple clear instructions, just fun enough to hold attention with pictures, comical quotes from famous people about cats, which are fun to discuss with my little learner.

Some neat mazes in here! A friend mentioned several interesting ways he "died" before finding one of the treasures in here..... Good quality printing, *tons* of fun mazes, that lead from one to another. Nice brain fun for those who like mazes. My neighbor wants a copy too.

This book is the right balance of fun and challenging for the preschool years. The coloring and cutting out of the pictures is great for honing fine motor skills while being lots of fun for the kids.

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