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Cursive Kitty™ Practice Book • Jokes, ha!

Cursive Kitty™ Practice Book • Jokes, ha!

Practice the cursive letters with Kimberly the kitty!





Kimberly the kitty loves to chase the little red laser dot on the wall. That’s what learning cursive handwriting is like—following the little red laser dot to form each letter.
Since this is a practice book, it assumes that you know the basics but want more practice. You’ve come to the right spot! You will notice the cursive letters in this practice book are getting smaller. That’s because you are getting better with your cursive writing! Remember, the goal is to memorize how all the cursive letters are formed, write them smooth and beautifully, and get your letter size down to something more “everyday” and common. This book will move you towards those goals.

Working your way through the book from beginning to end is not a bad way to go, but feel free to jump around if you like. After all, practice is practice!

Get ready for some fun & zany jokes that you probably have never heard! (Bonus points if you know one already!)

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