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Game, Die, Repeat.

Game, Die, Repeat.

Action books for kids ages 9-12





Have kids who would rather play video games than read? Spark a love for reading with the Video Games Alive series!

Using a cheat code, Dillon inadvertently links his video game to real life. With two friends, Dillon must loop the same day until he sets things right!

Dillon has made a mistake. He picked the wrong video game character and now he must pay the price—he’s stuck with the weakest weapon—a lousy space pistol! Not only that, but he’s messed up his relationships in real life.

But using a cheat code will fix everything, or so Dillon believes. Only, he suddenly finds his game life wired to his real life! Every time he dies inside the computer game, he must relive the same day in real life. And unfortunately, he’s dragged his gaming friends, Mia and Kiaan, into the problem.

What started off as a fun adventure for the gaming friends turns desperate. The continual looping is taking a toll—draining their lives in the real world! Now in a race against time, can Dillon and his friends survive the boss battle, and will Dillon make amends in real life before Game-Over?!

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