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Hidden Pictures Coloring Book, Ice Cream Edition

Hidden Pictures Coloring Book, Ice Cream Edition

A pattern adult coloring book





Rediscover the simple fun of discovering hidden pictures!
Experience the quiet joys of a coloring book but with the precision & pleasure of filling in tiny circles. Chill out and delight in the satisfaction of completing each circle. Enjoy the Hidden Pictures Coloring Book™ while listening to your favorite playlist or podcast, or while sipping a cup of tea! Before you know it, your heart rate will lower and a gentle smile will find its way back to your face as an image slowly emerges from your coloring work.

Enjoy coloring in the car, after work, you will slowly discover the themed images within this patterns coloring book as you relax at the end of a long day.

The icon inside each bubble shows which color to use. Use colored pencils, markers, and even highlighters!
Illustrated versions include:
Flowers Edition
Ice Cream Edition
Kawaii Food Edition
Remember: There is no right or wrong way to color these books! Don't have a particular color on hand? Swap it out for another of your choosing. Love pastels? YES, give them a try! Feeling a bit moody? Alter your choice of color scheme to fit your emotions!

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