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Spoiled • Book 1

Spoiled • Book 1

“Middle-grade fiction purrfect for readers looking for family-friendly reading!”





Kimberly, the pedigree cat, had it all—caviar, diamonds, her own mansion wing—until it was all ripped away. SOLD! And Kimberly? Dumped at a yard sale.

If that wasn’t humbling enough, it was Signey, a freckled girl, twelve years old, that whisked her away. A commoner no less. And now, Kimberly has to endure mac and cheese, Rhonda the Honda, and life with the family of a pre-teen girl (who is obsessed with cheese curls and the worst color invented: watermelon pink). Kimberly prays to be spoiled again. Will Kimberly and Signey ever get along? In this Christian series, Kimberly discovers the difference between being spoiled and being loved!

“Through loss, laughter, and love, Spoiled shows the difference between value and worth.” Melissa Sheperd, author of Savant

Spoiled’s playful nature and themes of friendship will appeal to readers of all ages.

Available in print and ebook formats.

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