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Fighting Fear & Monsters

Fighting Fear & Monsters

Funny Christian Books for Kids 8-10





God actually commands us to not be afraid. But what about when monsters show up in your backyard?

Rick and Miles want to write the next best-selling “how to” book. But when they start writing about backyard camping survival, things take a turn for the worse.

A monster arrives!

Now what are they going to do?! Fear begins to overcome the boys. Encouraged by God’s command to Joshua in the Bible to be strong and courageous, Rick starts taking bravery a little overboard. He also modifies their manuscript into an even better “how to” book--the ultimate guide for dealing with monsters!

Full of homemade booby traps and chase scenes, this action-packed graphic novel tells the funny adventures of Rick and Miles as they aim for the best-seller list, all while hoping to survive their research.

In this Christian series, entrepreneurs Rick and Miles learn about facing their fears while building their faith that, indeed, Jesus is with us!

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