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Lavish • Book 2

Lavish • Book 2

Kimberly the Cat Series





As Christmas approaches, Kimberly builds her wishlist—the biggest ever! Amidst her self-absorbed pursuits, Kimberly spies a stray dog, hungry and cold, lingering behind the Taylor’s house. Kimberly wants to help him, but she is terrified he will steal Signey’s heart.

Meantime, baby Stuart learns how to walk (and grab!), Fred the fish desperately wants Kimberly’s cardboard bed, and Kimberly is introduced to a confusing baby Jesus—a king that would leave behind a mansion and all his riches just to save others?!

Can Kimberly move past only loving herself? Will she be able to help Peanut the Chihuahua before he freezes into a popsicle?

Get your own copy of this funny and endearing story now!

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