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Cursive Kitty™ • Learn Cursive!

Cursive Kitty™ • Learn Cursive!

Learn the cursive letters with Kimberly the Kitty!





Kimberly the kitty loves to chase the little red laser dot on the wall. That’s what learning cursive handwriting is like—following the little red laser dot to form each letter.
Having beautiful handwriting is a wonderful thing! Imagine writing notes to friends and having them compliment you on your lovely handwriting. Or filling in school or work papers and having people actually able to read them! You are never too old to learn and enjoy cursive handwriting.

Learn the entire cursive alphabet along with Kimberly in Cursive Kitty™ for children and for adults who never learned cursive or who simply want to brush up on the basics.

Cursive Kitty™ teaches all of the lower and uppercase letters along with plenty of beginner practice sentences—all about cats!

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