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Fighting Fear and Giants

Fighting Fear and Giants

Funny Christian Books for Kids 8-10





God actually commands us to not be afraid, but what about when giant machinery and beasts begin destroying your town?

For one night of the year, Rick and Miles are taking a break from writing their next award-winning book. After all, they have to trick-or-treat! And with the amount of candy they have already collected between them, they have enough sugar to kill a T-Rex (or at least that’s what Rick’s Mom likes to say).

But then, giants attack!

It begins with a rogue Army tank rolling through town, blowing up the neighborhood. Fear overcomes the boys. Encouraged by God’s command to Joshua in the Bible to be strong and courageous, Rick starts taking bravery a little overboard (in his usual fashion). From tanks to rocket carriers, huge computers, giant robots, and tower-sized centipedes, the boys must confront one Goliath after another. This would make an amazing how-to book!

Can the two boys bring things back to a manageable size while turning their adventure into a best-selling book?

In this Christian series, authors Rick and Miles learn about facing their fears while building their faith that, indeed, Jesus is with us!

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