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Posh • Book 3

Posh • Book 3

Kimberly the Cat Series. Family-friendly middle-grade fiction. Book 3





Kimberly bites back! But why?

On Saturday morning, Kimberly eagerly lumbers trots downstairs for her weekly feast. Unfortunately, Arthur has burnt it all with that new grill that he’s experimenting with. No matter, Kimberly will most certainly enjoy the French restaurant that Mother and Signey are taking her to. The real dilemma is what delicacy should she order!

Only it’s not a fine French restaurant.

It’s not a restaurant at all!

Kimberly’s been hoodwinked! Dragged to the vet! Having put on the teeny-tiniest bit of extra weight, Kimberly is humiliated in front of the other pets! And worse, the Taylors are shoving the most unreasonable and stingy diet upon her!

But Kimberly has her own plans—plans to clear her tarnished name and to steal back her essential rich foods once again! Will Kimberly ever truly hear that Jesus loves her just the way she is?

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