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Recruited by the FBI: A 10 - 16 Christian Spy Action-Adventure!

Recruited by the FBI: A 10 - 16 Christian Spy Action-Adventure!

Christian Action Books for Upper Middle Grade & Teens





When Robin gets in over his head working with the FBI against a suspected terrorist, his trust in God’s goodness is pushed to the limits.

Robin and his two best friends, Chad and Anika, have the best after-school job ever--they work for the FBI! The team fire grappling hooks and rappel onto the roof of a bank. This caper is supposed to be quick and easy, in-and-out and nobody gets hurt. The team is there only to spy and find a secret book that reveals the company's true financial records. But when the job escalates, the team needs more help.

Only Robin won’t allow it!

Having lost his own father in the line of duty, Robin won’t let anyone else join his team. Or get too close! Yet, soon enough, Isabella, with her computer hacking skills, works her way into his heart. As their game of cat and mouse with the criminal CEO intensifies, Robin wrestles to keep his team safe. Can Robin do it on his own, or will he have to dig up an old bitterness in order to fully trust God again?

Get your copy of this faith-building action-adventure novel now!

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