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Royalty • Book 4

Royalty • Book 4

Kimberly the Cat Series. Family-friendly middle-grade fiction. Book 4





Queen of the House!
When the Taylors leave to visit Grandma, they leave the family pets behind. Signey crowns Kimberly “Queen of the House.”
Kimberly takes her royal position seriously. This responsibility is so great, Kimberly is determined to become a great leader.
But will this much power go to Kimberly’s head?
When Damon, an undesirable teenager, comes to feed and care for the pets, Kimberly's authority is undermined. Damon can’t do anything right. He spills Kimberly’s food on the floor. He even fills her water bowl with tap water! Kimberly must correct his wayward ways before it’s too late.
Then, Fred’s fish food goes missing and he begins to starve. Will Kimberly be able to make the sacrifice necessary to save him? Especially when it threatens getting something far more “urgent” and “pressing”—a clean litter box!

Traditional values. Family friendly stories.
Grab your copy of this funny, action-packed story for kids and adults now!

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