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Skylar's Papercraft, Halloween Papercraft Town

Skylar's Papercraft, Halloween Papercraft Town

Craft your very own Halloween town, perfect for display!





Enjoy the relaxing creativity of papercraft with this easy to cut and assemble series from Skylar’s Papercrafts™ and Jar of Lightning!

Put on your favorite holiday playlist, make hot drinks, and gather with friends and family or enjoy a solo evening. Whether you like to papercraft with others or on your own, this activity keeps your hands busy while freeing your mind to reflect, unwind, and enjoy the season.

Halloween Papercraft Village includes the following:
• A creepy old (haunted?) house
• A quaint town decorated for trick or treat
• A graveyard and two mausoleums
• A covered bridge with a tiny headless horseman
• A tent from a traveling carnival
• The Ferris Wheel of Doom!
• Kids and adults dressed in fun costumes
• Fun extras to add according to your whim!

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