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Switched • Book 6

Switched • Book 6

Kimberly the Cat Series. Family-friendly middle-grade fiction. Book 6





Priscilla, Kimberly’s long-lost twin, tricks her into switching places in order to experience each other's “better” life. Oh, the surprises in store for each!

When Kimberly has a rather ugly encounter with Stuart and a particular tube of diaper cream, Signey treats Kimberly to a day at the spa. But at PetCare, Kimberly runs into another cat who is the mirror image of herself, her long lost sister, Priscilla!

Envious of Kimberly’s “better” life, Priscilla hoodwinks Kimberly into switching places. What a surprise awaits her when a poor orphan girl whisks her home in something they refer to as Rhonda the Honda. Arriving at home, things only get worse for Priscilla.

Meanwhile, Kimberly enjoys the pampered life again. But when Kimberly forgets some of her basic etiquette, she must undergo austere training under the iron fist of a German taskmaster. Kimberly struggles to regain the manners to fit the lifestyle she once knew so well. Unfortunately, Kimberly must travel to Germany for more severe training, unless she can escape and return to her life with the Taylors. Will Kimberly and Priscilla get unswitched before it’s too late?

Traditional values. Family friendly stories.
Grab your copy of this funny, action-packed story for kids and adults now!

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