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About Us

- Rob Baddorf, Author/Illustrator -

Jar of Lightning houses creative projects that inspire awe and wonder and invite readers of all ages to play and explore a world full
of mystery, drama, and beauty.

Rob Baddorf, publisher and author, has been drawn in since he was seven years old toward the thrills of the supernatural interacting with the natural world, finding glee in B-movies of the fifties, and fascinated by... giant robot's titanic battle, cold war threats, close encounters, & nuclear meltdowns on American soil. Shaped by his 1970's childhood, Baddorf has never quit playing with action figures and squeezing into his underoos.

His brilliant & beautiful wife, Carolyn (who wrote all this), helps in the business department. She tethers Rob to reality, keeping him from floating off to a planet filled with apes or to a college science lab where Kurt Russell has really cool superpowers.

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