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Charming • Book 5

Charming • Book 5

Kimberly the Cat Series. Family-friendly middle-grade fiction. Book 5





When Kimberly sneaks into Signey’s middle school, Kimberly finds a whole new world of trouble to explore!

Kimberly is determined to win an award. Something—anything!—to show off her many talents. How about the world record for taking the most naps in one day?

When the opportunity to visit Signey’s middle school appears, Kimberly finds the perfect chance to show the world her many talents. Only, exploring an entire school building is not so easy. How will she escape the thugs in the boys’ locker room or manage prehistoric Barry the Barracuda?

When the school announces the upcoming Best Pet Pageant, Kimberly simply has to participate. After all, she’s practically destined to win. The only problem is that Kimberly is now grounded. She is forbidden to compete in the most prestigious contest the world has ever known!

So, Kimberly takes things into her own paws.

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