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Operation Meteor: A 10 - 16 Christian Spy Action-Adventure!

Operation Meteor: A 10 - 16 Christian Spy Action-Adventure!

Christian Action Books for Upper Middle Grade & Teens





At the end of the world, no one is asking who brought chips & salsa. Well, except Chad.
Book 3: With the museum now in shambles, Ledger awaits his billion dollar insurance check as it arrives in person from Switzerland. However, Robin and his team are determined to intercept it first.

The deadly game over the terrorist’s money begins!

Back and forth—cat and mouse—who can hold on to the check AND cash it in America? They scale skyscrapers, chase through the city’s drainage system, survive a wild limousine ride, and borrow a truckful of fireworks, and plenty more!
Will Isabella ever commit her life to something greater?
When the team is pushed to its breaking point, will Robin be able to face his worst fear?
And will the eastern seaboard of the United States of America ever see another day?

Read this faith-building action-adventure novel now!

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