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Squeezed • Book 7

Squeezed • Book 7

Kimberly the Cat Series. Family-friendly middle-grade fiction. Book 7





When the Taylors help the local animal shelter by temporarily housing a wide assortment of animals, Kimberly gets the chance to be a servant! In characteristic “Kimberly” style, that is.

When Kimberly finds a few bone-dry nuggets of her own uneaten cat food, Kimberly brainstorms a new idea. Why not start a ministry to the poor and needy?! But it isn’t long before Kimberly comes to realize she has no interest in doing actual labor. Instead, she plots how to use her stunning beauty as the ministry’s spokesperson!

Only when Signey and Mother help out the local animal shelter having of a water leak, Kimberly must deal with the incredibly cute and adorable and squeezable baby rabbits, along with ducks, three mean tabby cats, and many more animals, including Lucas, the deadly red cobra.

Will Kimberly ever learn to serve and be willing to get her paws dirty? Even just a little?!

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